Audio Excerpts.

Transcript: “The way I work is about every three weeks I have a burst of creativity and the rest of the month is just writer’s block. But for a couple days I’m, like, firing on all cylinders. So I get that group of jokes and I do shows every night and I try out that group of jokes, and by the time my next creative burst comes around those are actual jokes that I’ve formed and I shave them off and condensed them and found what works. And then I’ve got  a new batch that I get to work on. So you’re just constantly compiling, cause you want to build your set cause you start off with, like, three minutes, and then the longer you do it the longer your set becomes. But then the farther you get into to it the more you learn, ‘Oh those jokes that I thought were good, they suck.’ So then you take those off, so you’re like, ‘I still only have five minutes,’ but you’re constantly building and refining your set.”

Transcript: “So I always try to bounce it off–you bounce it off friends to kind of gauge it, but your friends will always kind of be biased, so I take that and when I think I’ve got a good run with that I bounce it off of complete strangers in any kind of atmosphere I can think of. If I can get a laugh out of them, they’re are the ones–that’s the jokes I go, ‘Okay, they don’t know me. They have no reason to like me, but they’re laughing. Maybe I’m on to something.’ I just take a general conversation amongst five people and then I take it to an open-mic and I try to see if i can put it on a more broad scale. Instead of five people, now I’m looking at 15, 20, 50 people, and see if I can get the same reaction out of 50 as I did out of those five.”


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