Colin Kane brings vulgar humor to Stanford & Sons


Nothing was off-limits in Colin Kane’s Friday night set in Kansas City, Kan. The New York comedian, who has been known to cause some controversy with his vulgar jokes, covered topics like sex, racism, and homosexuality in front of a sold out crowd at Stanford & Sons Comedy Club.

Much of Kane’s material solicited a wide variety of reactions from the audience, whether it was applause for his observation that “people in Kansas City dress like they’re always helping somebody move,” or groans for his off-putting remarks about violence towards women.

The set was a relaxed one, with Kane sitting on a stool rather than moving about the stage. Kane was also eager to work the crowd, but mostly to insult specific audience members during his routine. He even brought along his own security team in case some took his jokes too personally.

While the response to the material was positive early on, the laughs seemed to dwindle as the show progressed. Ryan Harold, a 20-year-old from Chicago who attended the show, said Kane’s act grew tiring.

“It was funny at first, but it would have been nice to see him talk about more than just having sex,” he said.

Kane will headline two more shows on Saturday before he moves on to Minneapolis, the next stop on his tour.

Follow Funny Folk’s live coverage of the set here.


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