Homeless in Lawrence

Homelessness is one of the most visible social issues in the country, and Lawrence is no exception. 

The city had over three hundred people living on the streets in 2013, but the sheer numbers don’t tell the full story. 

In 2006, the city was listed by the National Coalition for the Homeless as the second meanest city in the country because of policies that are seen as detrimental to the homeless.  

The increasing number of women who are homeless in the city is alarming as well: in 2009 the percentage of homeless who were female was 28 percent, but since then, that number has nearly doubled, reaching 49 percent.

To gain a better perspective on these issues, I spoke on camera with Chelsea Ren Morten, a worker at the Willow Domestic Violence Center, as well as Glen and Julie, two people who have lived on and off the streets of Lawrence for nearly a decade.